Michael Pham

Hey everyone! My name is Michael Pham and Iím one of the newest members of Things to Do: Boston Team.

I have been working events for about 6-7 years. I started at Anime Boston as a volunteer then bumped up to Video Gaming Coordinator. By then I was running numerous gaming tournaments in MA and got to work with Nintendo on their Pokemon Across America Tour.† From there I got to work with so many different clients such as Starbucks, Adidas, Microsoft, Heineken, Kahlua, and many others for their events. Iím also with 1 in 8 Foundation as a Director where we plan events to raise funds for early breast cancer awareness.† I wanted to use all the knowledge I gained and contribute to TTD. The young professional scene is new to me and after promoting at colleges for so long itís a nice change.

Some extra info on me: Iím outgoing, laid back and love meeting new people. I was once a professional video gamer for Dance Dance Revolution, Bomberman, Tetris, and Starcraft. Iím in an active pool league at Jillians and was a national table tennis player. I enjoy eating out, traveling, checking out movies, collecting video games, and wander the city.

I look forward to working with TTD and helping other young professionals find things to do on that dull night. Weíre bringing the fun to you all you have to do is show up.†

I look forward to meeting everyone and if you have any questions, ideas for an event, any insight on what we can do better please email me at Michael@thingstodoboston.com

- Michael Pham